Episode 212 - The Emoji Generation

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Watch OS 4.1 with streaming music is here, Apples 4th quarter earnings are announced, a new activity challenge, lots of Apple Pay news, discounted Apple watches from a life insurance company. Reviews of Life Cycle, Suede Leather band from ClockWork Synergy and a first impression of the new iPhone X.

Episode 210 - The Annoyance Detector Is At Full

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Problems with Apple Watch Series 3 LTE in China, Watch OS 4.1 getting closer to release, the Apple Watch saves a mans life, why you might have a tough time getting an iPhone X. Reviews of Cordura Watch Bands from Clockwork Synergy, listener feedback and more!

Episode 208 - It's A Double Nit Watch

New reviews of the Apple Nike+ Series 3 Cellular watch, Apple fixes the cellular issue with update, Apple Watch Nike+ now on sale, update to Nike Run Club, patent for Apple Watch blood pressure monitoring, listener feedback and more!